opinions on this Ferragamo satchel in green?

  1. It's called the "Vittoria" satchel. Looks like a tall version of Ferragamo's "Marisa" bag, which I own in black.

    (pic from NM)

    Vittoria satchel.jpg
  2. I like it. Very nice. :yes:
  3. Very nice! Is that the color you're looking for?
  4. I like it too. Beautiful olive green color!
  5. Well, green is my favorite color, so I'm always in the market for any fabulous new green bag! I've already got a Prada bag from a couple of years ago in olive green, but its a bit lighter in color and smaller in size--so I'm trying to justify buying this new Ferragamo too.
  6. the leather looks great and the colour is very pretty, soothing green to me :p
    congrats on ur great bag :wlae:
  7. I think it's a great bag in a great shade!
  8. Looks like a great bag!
  9. I like it. I have another bag in that color (or very close) and find that it's quite versatile and goes with just about everything in my closet.
  10. Oooh, I like it alot. And yes, green is really nice. I have no green bags...hmmm
  11. Beautiful bag! If green looked good on me I'd be all over that one. It's a great style.
  12. I love the earthy green. The bag looks great.
  13. I love it!
  14. I think it's gorgeous!
  15. I really like it. What a rich green color and good classics style.