Opinions on this dress??

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  1. Maybe it's more green than the pictures suggest. I like the dress, but don't feel it's worth $440.
  2. I like it, but it's not very unique and probably not worth $440.
  3. I think it's a gorgeous dress but not worth $440 IMO. I think you can get a similar look with a separate print skirt, black tee and belt. Though the pattern on the skirt is awesome.
  4. I would wait for it to go on sale. It probably will.
  5. Thanks for the help, ladies! Maybe it'll go on sale one day, and be more worth it. :P
  6. I agree, just but a plain black blouse from like DESIGN HISTORY and a cute puffy skirt and a black belt, and voila, you've got that outfit for MUCH less. Or, wait for it to go on sale.

    It might be worth it if it is something that you could see yourself wanting to wear it at least once a week. Only spend that much on clothes that you know that you will always want to wear, regardless of trends or season. So, classic, super flattering, durable dresses. Otherwise, that is what sales or Forever 21 are for!
  7. I say wait for the sales!
  8. ^^ I was viewing this dress as more of a "special occasion" dress (definitely not something wear at least once a week!)... but maybe it's a bit casual? I'm always excited to find attractive dresses with sleeves...

    I don't often shop at F21. I hate how quickly their stuff seems to fall apart, and how unflattering it looks on me. :sad:
  9. I would have to agree with everyone else - very cute, but not worth the money! Just my humble opinion.
  10. I think it's adorable! Wait for the sales- if you can get it for around $250ish definitely get it! Alice & Olivia is totally worth it, i love their dresses!!
  11. Def not worth the $440...IMO...wait for the sales I guess..
  12. It is cute, but for $440 you could find something even cuter.
  13. very pretty. good, all sizes are avail.
  14. When I opened up the link I thought it looked like a skirt with a fitted blouse and the belt cinched on the waist too. It's definitely a cute outfit, but not worth at full retail price. Wait for it to be great deal :tup: