opinions on this dress..

  1. I am looking for a fun, sexay short dress!!!!

    What do you gals think of the attached dress..I want something sparkly for hollywood night life :biggrin:
    ps. the girl in the photo paired her dress with black leggings..I would wear them without

  2. i think it's okay. i just don't like that the sleeves are kind of sheer.

    something with a similar concept without the sheer sleeves (like the madonna h&m one) would be nice as well!
  3. i like it, but i think it'd be too short w/o leggings..
  4. Definately needs the leggings IMO. It is cute, though.
  5. I think its adorable I want it! Do you have a link? I agree w/everyone that its too short without leggings.
  6. I think it's cute! But it might be too short...it looks like its sheer at the bottom of the dress.
  7. too cute imo,sparkly like a hollywood star, wear it well girl. =)
  8. I just don't like it. I guess it would look good with leggings...not my taste however.
  9. It's really not my style. I would wear it with opaque tights. Seems like that's what all the little starlettes are wearing.
  10. Not a fan without the leggings
  11. Not really a fan of it. But if you like it, that's the most important thing. =)
  12. Thats cute!
  13. it's cool dress!
  14. I like the dress, but its kind of short without leggings..
  15. eh.. not my style. I'm sure you can find much cuter hollywood looking dresses