Opinions on this Dooney bag.

  1. I saw this bag on the Dooney website and instantly fell in love. My next purchases were supposed to be Vernis Ludlow wallet and the Damier papillon 26 but now I'm seriously thinking about getting this bag in blue instead of the Ludlow (a little cheaper, too). My only concern is that it is kind of old- looking. What do you all think?

  2. It's very conservative in shape, but the color is really cheerful! It reminds me of the shape of the Goldenbleu bag that comes in red patent for a LOT more money. Cute for the spring!:yes:
  3. I like that purse, and I love the color. I think if you like it get the purse.
  4. ^^ I agree with the above. I also like the all weather leather.
  5. It's cute! I'd get a bag charm (something cute, not the duck thing) to hang on it. Or maybe a bandeau or something....it definitely won't be too old looking that way!
  6. I think it's cute. Great color!
  7. I love it, I have it in bone. I have a teal flap, too. I love conservative and "old looking", though. Here's a photo:

  8. GORGEOUS color! And a good price, too!
  9. the all weather leather bags feel so good, i love 'em!
  10. D&B is not my favorite brand at all. Although that particular bag is nice, I would stick with the Louis Vuitton.
  11. I have seen the bag IRL in black. One thing that struck me was that the bag looked a little smaller than I thought it would be. But it was a beautiful bag. Of course I immediately ran back home and looked at the website, but the bag was no longer available in that color....
  12. Wow. I really love that bag!
    It's so classy, yet the blue is so summery and fun.
  13. oh, i like it! it would be really versatile, too- and you can't beat the price!
  14. Great idea, I was thinking the same thing.
    Lovely. I hope I didn't offend with the old looking comment, LOL...I'm 21.
    Question, what is the strap pictured on the website used for? Is it a shoulder strap?

    Interesting you liked the bag in black, Merika; I thought the blue added a bit of fun to an otherwise conservative bag.
  15. love the color! style is very classy. i wouldn't say it's old looking but more like sophisticated. if that's your style, go for it!