opinions on this corey lynn calter dress?!?

  1. i think i like this dress but i'm not sure if it's the studying-for-finals delirium talking :p what do you ladies think of the rolled neck? i'm not too sure i'm a fan of it, but then again i am deirious :crybaby:


    i could see myself wewaring this to a casual lunch or something but i do hate exposed arms...i'd probably wear something under it :crybaby:
  2. that dress is adorable!!!! I want one for a wedding i'm going to this summer!
  3. I think it's pretty cute. The rolled neck isn't my favorite, but I love the print, so I think I could forgive it.
  4. i agree litigatrix....something about the neck just bugs ne a little bit-plus i don't have the longest neck, so it might just make me look like i have no neck at all :push: but i do adore the print too

    and gemski the dress would be super cute for a wedding! i'd totally wear it to a july wedding i'm going to except my bf's mother has already chosen me a dress :push: but here's the link in case you're interested

  5. Very cute.
  6. this dress is adorable!
  7. The pattern is flattering, however I would wear pants under, too short for my taste (Older girl).
    The neck is cute, but try to pull your hair up and wear small earrings, you need to leave everything else simple around that area.
  8. I like the style but not the pattern.
  9. I like it! I wouldn't wear another layer under it
  10. I think it's a cute dress! but like breakfast lover, I do not like the pattern..
  11. I think it's adorable. Probably wouldn't be a problem for me because I'm really short, but a taller person might have to watch out they don't start mooning people!
  12. i like it, but it bothers me that it's stiched right down the front and the pattern doesn't match up