Opinions on this Coach Chelsea Optic Satchel Please

  1. Hi!! I'm wondering what your thought are on the new Coach Chelsea Signature Satchel. I really like the black color. Any thoughts?? Here is the pic from the site:

  2. Oh I really like it! I haven't seen it in person though so I'm holding off till then to make a final decision!
  3. When I first saw it in the catalog, I loved it. So I just might have to give in to my addiction and get the sucker!! LOL!!
  4. It's cute, but I would have to see it in person, also. In my opinion I like the solid colors better.
  5. I am not a fan of the clasp on top. I think it would bother me to get in and out of it. I love the pattern though on other designs.
  6. It's cute but I really love the one with the Pony hair . I love that dark Bordeaux color.
  7. I haven't seen it in person, but I like the kahki color one.
  8. I love this shape - I was playing with it in the Coach boutique. I am just not a fan of the black though - I think the brown one looks better. But I have been in a tan stage recently.
  9. im not too fond of it.
  10. I like the shape but not the print. I like the optic in khaki but not black.
  11. I really like it judging from the online photos! I just love the optic print especially in the khaki :heart:3
  12. Love it...I'm pretty sure its my next purchase...but in the white color. Spent some time drooling over them last weekend.
  13. i really like that
    but i think this weekend im gettting the optic tote in khaki
    im so excited!
  14. I like the shape..but I really like the khaki hobo one. Ahh.. I don't know if I should get it or not.
  15. i LOVE the bag. i recently purchased a khaki signature satchel in june and when i saw the new optic satchels i regretted getting the one i did
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