opinions on this clutch S/S 2007

  1. [​IMG]
  2. i LOVE it. the only thing that kept me from buying it was the price .. 1295 i believe?
  3. More like $2299......
    It's lovely though.
  4. no, its $1275
  5. yes they are!!!!
  6. it's nice. what does the inside look like?
  7. Cute!
  8. Cute!! I like it!! :love:
  9. it's cute...the only thing i'm unsure of is the extra strap on the back...it makes it seem a little less elegant IMO.
  10. Ok-- I just bought it. I think its cuter then the classic caviar clutches that everyone is after. I dont like the shape of those..they are too boat like IMO. I saw this in the lookbook and contacted my fav SA and she bumped me at the top of her list and is sending it out to me! Its $1275.00 and her store only recieved two, one is mine now..woohoo!
    clutch1.JPG clutch2.JPG clutch3.JPG
  11. I like it.
  12. Can u model it for us pleaseee?? its so pretty! :love:
  13. I am in love with that clutch! Someone posted photos of it awhile back and I was :nuts: over it! Definitely post pics of it when you get it!
  14. I like it!!! I really love patent leather. I saw a similar one if not the same style in a rust/orange color, very pretty but hard to wear in that color. I love the black one.