Opinions on this clutch please!

  1. I don't like the color. Depends on your style
  2. I like both colors.... but red...i love to buy red bags!
  3. I prefer the red.
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    I prefer the blue, but the clutch if such a beautiful stand alone piece that I don't understand why it has bar handle and chain. It becomes too much.
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    Many clutches have a chain if you want to wear it that way...if not...it slides inside.
  6. Love the colours but it looks like it does not fit much. I LOVE clutches as well but did not buy many as I carry quite many items. You SURE you want it?:wondering
  7. I like it, and I like the teal. But it does look like it won't hold much, if anything, without looking awkward. Have you tried some of your stuff in it? Or is it an online purchase?
  8. I do like the colour. I feel it might go well with some great vibrant colours used in a lot of colour blocking schemes. I think the design is also classic too.
  9. I can pull it off, I think! I like going out in restaurants, clubs etc, so I'll find places to wear it! I could even carry it for a casual morning outing - because -in my opinion - clutches always make an outfit a tiny bit more elegant!

    Thanks for the suggestion!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    The chain can be removed or stuffed inside!

    Yup! Thanks for stopping by!

    It was love at first sight, as I said in my 1st post! :p It may be thin, but it's quite big if you look at the dimensions!

    Actually, I never shop online! I just browse the online stores to see if there's something interesting and if I like something I stop by the local store to try it on.

    I'm thinking of wearing it mostly with total black outfits! I also have a light blue blazer and an H turquose silk scarf that I can pair it with!

  10. Both colours are lovely. Yet, as it's only half a centimeter wide, I don't think you will put lots of things in it, without changing its shape...
  11. same here, don't like its color but of course it would depend on where and how you would use it.
  12. i think the blue is a better choice for the season but i'm not a huge fan of the hardware colour... that said, for the price i think it's a good one just to have to add a pop of colour to an outfit!
  13. The blue color is gorgeous, but I'd probably only use it as a clutch. The chain strap looks weird.
  14. Thank you ladies for your suggestions! I think I'm going to buy it in teal and remove the strap because I'll only use it as a clutch, not a cross-body bag!