Opinions on this briefcase I bought w/ PCE

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  1. I ordered this briefcase for my DH for Father's Day with my PCE card and picked it up today. Do you think it looks too feminine? It was in the men's section of the Coach website, but now that I see it in person, I'm wondering if the straps in the front aren't substantial enough?

    His old briefcase had bigger buckles, but maybe these are more in style now? He's had his old one for years and is looking bad, but he doesn't like to spend money on himself, so I needed to take action.
  2. It's very nice

    I think this one is the most classically masculine, but that's just me.


    whatever you think your DH will like best. I do not think the one you got it feminine at all
  3. Femenine? I don't think so. I wouldn't carry it. I have a Lexington briefcase in black. I think it comes down to whatever he likes best. Give it to him and go from there.
  4. I agree with court I don't think it's femanine looking but I think the one Court picked out has a more masculine look to it.
  5. I think it's a good choice for your dh; it reminds me of a british style briefcase....
  6. I just went to the Coach website and the one I would choose is this but that's JMO. Choose what you know he would love.
  7. I don't think it's feminine at all, but maybe a little more casual, a bit less "formal" than the one court811 posted.
  8. yes, casual is a good word, it's more comfortable looking, not feminine.

    It just depends also on what line of work he's in, if he's a corporate attorney or a financial guy who wears a suit every day, you might want to go with something more serious and structured. if he works in sales, or IT, or something a bit more casual, the one you got is great.
  9. Thanks all! He's an engineer, and I was looking for a slouchy kind of bag, b/c that's what his old one is like. He likes to have a couple of pockets on the outside, and this one was just within my budget. I did like the one Court had picked out, but I wanted to do an even return with the large black leather Carly I had picked out for myself. I really don't need another black bag.

    I'll let ya'll know what he says tomorrow!
  10. Just remember there are more briefs on the website and in the Look Up Book than in the store.
  11. I think the one you picked is actually perfect for an engineer, the other one might have been too stuffy!

    hope he loves it!
  12. I like the one that you picked out juniormint. When I read the thread title I thought that the breifcase was for you and, of course, I saw the picture before I read what you typed and thought it was a little too masculine for a woman to carry. Then I was very happy to read that it was for your DH! LOL! I hope he likes it!
  13. Ok, nothing to do with this thread. JuniorMint, I've commented on your screenname before because we are also Seinfeld fanatics - we named one of our dogs Cosmo! I just saw "Dolores" under your JuniorMint screenname. Is that YOUR name, or is it the joke from a famous Seinfeld episode? I loved when he guessed Mulva.:graucho:
  14. I love the one you picked. My bf would absolutely flip if i got it for him.
  15. Dolores! is also from the Junior Mint episode, it was "Mulva's" real name! :roflmfao:

    My husband loved the briefcase! He was concerned with the cost, even with 25% off, but he will be keeping it! His old one is just in such sad shape, it was time for a change.