Opinions on this bracelet please!

  1. Hello! My sweet younger brother (age 17) is looking for a sweet 16th birthday present for his girlfriend. I suggested this bracelet (about $150) because I thought it was classic looking and cute. What do you think? If you were (or are) 16, would you like to receieve this as a gift? If not, what would you like instead? Please keep in mind this is coming from a 17 year old's budget ;). Thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. I honestly think is perfect...you have great taste.
  3. Thanks, naturale! I will have to tell him that it got the official OK!
  4. I think it is totally suitable for a 16 year old! What a sweet little brother you have! :smile:
  5. Absolutely PERFECT! As long as he has the money for it. :smile:
  6. Thank you all so much! Not trying to brag, but he is the best little guy ever! He told me he'd rather not get any birthday presents himself and instead use the money on something for the girlfriend :heart:
  7. Very cute for a 16 year old girl! Lucky girlfriend!
  8. agree with everyone else, it's a perfect gift :smile:
  9. that's really cute and i usually hate heart jewelry.
  10. That's very cute! Very simpleand classic, I wish someone would give me one!
  11. I think it's cute & great for a 16 year old
  12. Ahhh...that is so sweet! :smile: :heart:
  13. i love it
  14. thats very cute, How sweet :heart:
  15. That's so sweet of your brother, and I think you have great taste too. Thats exactly the kind of thing I picture a 16 yr old wanting.