Opinions on this Bouvier

  1. This bag is in my bluefly shopping cart (so I have less than an hour to decide). I have been in the market for a new gucci and the red and green on this caught my eye.

    Tacky or good looking? What do you all think?:tup: or :tdown:
  2. very nice bag :tup:
  3. I personally prefer the bouvier in all leather but end of the day you need to get something YOU like. ;)
  4. That's what I'm leaning towards...a Gucci in leather (preferably Guccisama). I get very excited when I see a good price and try to justify a new purchase!
  5. I like it!
  6. I too would prefer it in Guccissima, though you can't go wrong with it. It's a classic!

    Good luck, go with what you like!
  7. ooooh i love it. I love the Bouvier cause it's such a classic handbag. I did see this in bluefly a few minutes ago and it looks like someone purchased it already cause it's no longer available. That person must be you! ;) it's such a great deal.
  8. Hey Jenny,
    I love the bag...I am glad to see another Baltimore Gal... we may have to organize a shopping trip if we find more Marylanders!!! I hope you got the bag!
  9. Did you get it?

    I didn't like the bouvier in all leather(too stiff), but maybe in canvas it will be nicer.
  10. The Bouvier is a great choice.
  11. love it!!
  12. Has anyone ever seen the Bouvier in brown leather with the pink and green stripe down the middle?
  13. Well, ladies, I didn't get it. Bluefly did it to me again...i ordered it (thanks for all of the positive opinions) and then it was cancelled today. I should have known better since this is the 3rd time this has happened to me on Bluefly.

    Ho hum...I guess I'm meant to hold out for something in guccissima leather.

    Thank you for all of the help!