Opinions on this Bleecker Wallet Please!!

  1. So last week I lucked out and picked up a Large Carly in Brass/Khaki/Saddle at an outlet for a steal. The only trouble now is finding a saddle wallet to match. I came across this on one eBay but I'd like some opinions. I'm not super crazy about the hot pink interior, especially since my Carly has a wicked pale lilac interior...But other than that it's the best match I've found so far...


    What do y'all think!? :confused1:
  2. I LOVE the interior color.. but I think that wallet would be REALLY small in a large Carly. It's your preference though. :yes:
  3. Coach offers this wallet in Khaki/saddle. I have it in all chocolate signature and I just love it![​IMG]
  4. Is this the Bleecker Compact Clutch wallet or the mini wallet? I just bought the bleecker compact clutch wallet in British Tan leather a few weeks ago and LOVE the wallet to pieces!!!! In fact, it is the ONLY wallet I carry now when I switch bags!!!! I have carried this wallet in my large Carly as well! It does tend to get lost in that bag, though, being that bag is so large!!!! GREAT wallet though!!!!!
  5. ranskimmie, I don't see that wallet in Khaki/Saddle on the website, maybe it's sold out? I agree with wanting a larger chequebook size wallet since the bag itself is so large...but at the moment this is the only matching one I can find period.

    mommyville, it is the Compact Clutch!

  6. I know my Nordstroms still has them in this color so just give the Jacksonville headquarters a call with the item # of the one on the web site and they can let you know what they have available.
  7. This is my FAVORITE wallet style EVER. I have three different ones like this, good size, and holds a good amount of stuff.
  8. I also have this wallet in the khaki/black and absolutely adore it :tup: I bought it to match my carly and all other bags.. it matches every color including black or brown and I just toss it in any bag and go... the magenta lining and tattersal just makes me happy.. even when there is no money in it!!! :p
  9. That's the clutch. I have a mini and want a clutch too. I love my mini.
  10. The compact clutch is my absolute favorite style wallet that Coach makes! I own 3 of them right now!!!! I hope you win this one!!!! Good luck!!!!:tup:
  11. I have one mini! It's such a cute wallet and holds alot for it's size!!!! :tup:
  12. I have to agree, the compact clutch is the BEST wallet style Coach has...full length bill compartment, plenty of room for cards, and doesn't get too bulky.

    yeah, it might get lost in a large carly...but in a medium, it helps it achieve the perfect "slouch" (my accordian zip around in my med carly made the bag look too boxy)

    it's a great wallet...and if you don't want it, i'll take it. heheh