Opinions on this bag?

  1. I know this bag is kind of young looking, but I am young (I'm about 15 years old!). I've been dying for a Juicy bag forever, and I was wondering what everyone thought of this one! :smile:

  2. I think that it's an adorable bag for someone your age. A "more mature" lady (like me!) would not be able to pull it off. By the way, the bow on the side is a really cute touch to this fun bag. I like it!
  3. Very cute!
  4. I love the bow!! So cute :love: I say go and get it, especially if you really like it :shame:
  5. love it!
  6. If you've been dying for a Juicy bag I think that's a perfect one for a teenager. I :heart: the "daydreamer" style, it holds everything perfectly and the bow is SO adorable. I have a cherry Daydreamer in my collection... and I am 28 :p


    PS: don't get TOO addicted too fast, you have you're WHOOOOLE life to collect awesome bags.
  7. J'adore!!!!
  8. I :heart: the bow! I wonder if it would hold up well, though (the bow, not the bag).
  9. Thanks so much! =)
  10. Well, I actually roll up tissue paper and put it in the loops of the bow while in storage. This helps the bow stay "fluffy" whenever I take it out. Just a little hint to keep it peppy :smile:
  11. Now I just have to save up to get it. :wlae:
  12. Very cute! Perfect for your age!
  13. I love the daydreamer style bag, and the color is very pretty! Check Nordstrom's they sometimes have the velor style juicys on sale.
  14. I like it! The colours are great as well!
  15. Yup, if I were 15, I would absolutely buy this bag!