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What do you think of this bag

  1. Very Nice

  2. Okay

  3. I wouldn't buy it

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  1. Would you buy this to use as a work tote?

  2. I like it very much. I assume it's large enough for what you need to carry.
  3. Doesn't do much for me. Sorry.
  4. I like it! Very nice!
  5. It's ok...it would probably depend on it's price.
  6. I like the size and shape of the purse but not ao aure of the color. It looks very functional, yet pretty enough....
  7. Not bad for a work tote, but I think you can do better.
  8. I like it. It would really depend on the price for it.
  9. Love it, depending on the price if I bought it or not.
  10. I like it, although there's nothing special about it.
  11. Vey classic but not borring at all, i totaly love it!
  12. I like it a lot, very neutral and very classic, I would surely buy it.
  13. I am the queen of 'classic' i.e. I rarely experiment and think I am oh so daring when I branch out with ooooh a buckle or two and for me this is just 'okay'. I think it's the colour that makes me have reservations. I'd certainly think it was the bag of someone with taste, but it wouldn't make me go 'wow, where did she get that' if that helps place it on my bag-o-meter!
  14. ...yawwwwn... erm, s'cuse me.
  15. Well, here it is in darker brown.