Opinions on this bag?

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  1. Today I bought a new Coach bag. I could not decide which color and decided on this one because it is different and I love how it goes with everthing and is really nice for Spring and Summer. I also LOVED the Silver color and I might either switch (exchange) this bag to the silver OR get the small Sabrina bag in the Sabrina because I loved that bag too - but I might have to wait for PCE before buying another bag. Anyway, I searched all over this site and didn't see anyone with this color bag. What do you think? Should I switch it to silver? Or wait and get the small Sabrina in silver?
    THis is the bag I bought today. mad13248_svaw_a0_front.jpg

    I can't decide if I should trade it for this same bag but different color madsil13346_b4sv_a0_front.jpg or keep it and add the following bag sabsil13249_b4sv_a0_front.jpg
  2. I would say, if you can afford to, definitely keep the spectator shoulder and add the silver Sabrina!!
  3. ^^ ITA!! If you can get both! the madison shoulder that you posted and silver sabrina are similar in colour (except for the sparkles!)
  4. Gosh, they are ALL great... but I'm really luvin that leather Madison Shoulder bag :yes:
  5. Yes I don't want the two bags in the same color. so I would keep the off white/ green madison shoulder bag and get the metallic small sabrina OR just get the shoulder bag in silver and skip the sabrina since it is too close in color.

    I can't afford both now - Sabrina will have to wait a month or so. Hopefully she will still be there.

    But do you like the off white/ green madison shoulder bag? I can't find any posts on it. It is kind of different... I was wondering if it was unpopular? Or just very new?
  6. AGREED! Both have a certain level of freshness and progressive fashion vibe, but they also have an unmistakable air of class. :tup:
  7. bagap - do you like the one with the green? :smile: That is the one I bought! I thought it was different - cute and classy -
    I am so bad at picking out bags and always changing my mind. But so far I like it! And I want to add the silver sabrina.
  8. So everyone that likes the bag - are you all referring to the green and white? That is the one I got! I am afraid everone likes the silver and not the green...???
  9. It's very new. If you're unsure on it, try waiting a few days and see if you still like it. I like the green.
  10. The green!
  11. You don't need to worry about any spectator being unpopular. If you check out any auction site such as ebay, you'll discover that even the older, classic Coach bags in spectator styles are very popular.
  12. I really like the green too. It's very unique.
  13. I loved the green in the store - and still do - but had doubts when I didn't see anyone taking about that color on this forum. I know I should not care but I didn't want to carry a bag that no one liked!!! So thanks for the feedback - I feel better already!

    I thought the green bag was in the Madison family? What is Spectator???

    Edited to add Coach online has a section for Madison and a section for Spectator bags. The green bag above is under Madison but is called Madison Spectator! Confusing!!!
  14. I like the silver Sabrina best!
  15. I like the Silver Sabrina the best. Just don't know how anyone can wear her without getting her dirty...