Opinions on this bag?

  1. If you love it...and you'll wear it...it will be GREAT to add to your collection!!:tup:
  2. I'm in St. Louis tooo!!

    And those are really pretty bags, very classic...Go for it!
  3. Thanks for the opinions ladies.. tat2.. where in STL?!!
  4. I am in St. Louis, too!!! I was just looking at that bag this morning then i saw it on here i was like :wtf: ! lol
  5. I went to SLU for 4 years, now i'm living in jefferson county while finishing nursing school. Arg, if that doesn't make me feel far removed from the situation.

    I went to West County yesterday and had a good time in Nordie's, Macy's and the Coach store...lol. It's probably a good thing i'm not super close to any malls because I would spend more then I really need to on bags!

    But that bag is really pretty...I would get it, one of the girls I go to school with has it and it's gorgeous!
  6. Yes, I like it a lot! Seems like a good deal too.. go fort it!!! :tup:
  7. Haha, thats too weird ladies.. If he still has it next Friday maybe I'll get it! I need time to think about it instead of it being an impulse buy!

  8. Where in Jefferson county!!???? I am in good ole jefferson county also! In imperial !!!
  9. I'm in Festus..hahaha

    I saw 5 Coach's at Walmart down here the other day. I almost wanted to stop the ladies and compliment them on their good taste!!
  10. Oh! I used to live in Herculaneum!! Coach purses were rare down there lol! And if you did see one it was fake!!!
  11. Oh these were real. I stared. I've become quite the expert at picking out the real and fake ones. One was a large chocolate carly, another was a Bleeker duffle, ummm some bleaker flaps, and then something signature. I was like "wow, good choices!!"
  12. Anyone else? opinions?
  13. It is a really functional tote bag, looks to hold a lot but for $50 more you can get to pick from LOTS of bags on eBay. If they're real that is. :shrugs:
  14. I'm just "eh" about it. The price is good for a large bag, but I see so many of that exact bag (real and fake) around my area - that could why I'm kind of turned off of them. If they arent too common by you, or you dont give a cr*p! how common they are, then its a good deal!