Opinions on this bag?

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Do you like this bag as a summer tote?

  1. Yes

  2. No

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. It's funny but I fell in love with the oddest bag....

    What do you think of this for a summer tote?

  2. Cute!
  3. Not for me-anything resembling a seat belt bag is not my style. Sorry!:tdown:
  4. It's a classic shape/style, but the print isn't very appealing to me. Go for it if you already love it!!
  5. ^I agree, I like the shape and style... but not so much the print.
  6. Hmmmm not really loving it....sorry. If YOU love it, that's all that matters.
  7. It's cute, but not for me. I'm not into seatbelt bags. If you like it and would use it, then go for it.
  8. I love it--I love anything in cherry blossom print!:heart:
  9. Its a cute bag - but you know what I am worried about?

    It looks like those seatbelt material - so when you put it up against you on your body it is going to make you really hot because it traps the heat in I think - cuz I had a Diesel bag before - its made of multicolour seatbelts - i took it out one day and it was really hot - I was walking to my campus at school - it was like a 5 minute walk and I was already sweating all over the place, and I don't usually do that - I think that material really traps the heat in... good thing I was able to take it back the next day

    So I would not really recommend that material for summer.. but if you like it - and can withstand the heat - go for it!
  10. I like it but I would like it a lot more if it was in a more summery color like pink or some other pastel.
  11. sorry not for me but i agree if u love it than go for it. we all like different bags at some point in time. u like it probably because u can carry it off well :yes:.
  12. Yes, with a black & white ensemble, it would be the perfect adornment!
  13. I think it is cute, and yes, I would tote it myself!
  14. Not my thing but so often I see 'not my thing' on other people and they carry it off beautifully!
  15. Not my thing but if you like it you should get it!:smile: