Opinions on this bag!

  1. Yea or Nay for this one?

  2. I think it is cute and I really like the style of the bag. Very cute and simple dooney, I like it a lot.
  3. I think this bag is great. The trim looks wonderful!
  4. i likes it :yes: not in that color tho... something more springy! unless you're planning on using it year round or for work ;) then that is perfect!
  5. I like it a lot, even though I'm not the biggest monogram fan (my two monos are neglected). I saw a girl at my school the other day carrying this style but in black.
  6. I like it but the size is too small for me. I like the larger totes. But the pattern and color combo is very nice!
  7. Its very simple. Pretty. It's a good handbag, and it's very pretty its just not really my style. I think it'd be a good workbag. Even as an everyday bag, I think it's simple and pretty.
  8. I like it, I am a big fan of totes and like the trim on this one.
  9. loves it!
  10. Nay but then again my opinion could be biased as I only carry LVs.
  11. Maybe then I should rephrase my original question as "Ladies who carry Dooney & Bourke, opinions on this bag!"
  12. *is not a lady that carries ANY bag* but i can still give you my thoughts.. hehe

    (would not be a first choice for roomie *ViciousBliss*)

    but could most definately see a few ladies i do know carrying it. the handles have a nice drop, plenty of space. but the colors and the patterns together on thiss BAG... dont fit my taste. Something brighter and more cheery. SUMMER IS ON ITS WAY:nuts:
  13. i browsed the selection of colors and can see why you chose the color you did! i myself would probably opt for the black, but there are some other colors that are cute too, desert is lovely, and cream is on sale! ice blue is also on sale!
  14. It's not very springy, but it would be nice year-round.
  15. Nice style and colors are great if you plan to carry it year around. Looks pretty versatile.