Opinions on this bag Yay or nay?

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  1. Hi, Please tell yay or nay? My father has always told me if you keep coming back to something as time passes you must really want it and we always want it (go figure coming from my dad on buying purses...oh wait I think this was his advice that he gave me when I was trying to figure if I should be a dentist....the key is that I;ve taken his advice and applied it to important areas in my life:amuse::lol:)

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  2. nay for me,,,... >.<;
  3. A huge NAY for me. :Push:
  4. Nay :/
  5. That is the dalmation bag. I LOVE that bag. I thought it was impossible to get? Is that one real???
  6. MAJOR nay!!
  7. LV makes nicer bags than that one. Nay for me.
  8. I say yay if real.
  9. Sorry to say nay. Just too much going on for my tastes.
  10. Very collectible so yay for me. V
  11. nay for me too
  12. to use everyday...NAY
    to buy for a collector's item...maybe
  13. YAY - I have the smaller version the pouchette and it is amazing . the quality of it and the detail WOW ... It is so striking ... I say go for it .

  14. Nay, but you are pretty funny! :lol:
  15. Nay for me - but if YOU love it, then go for it! That's what counts anyways.