Opinions on this bag please

What do you think of the Pampelonne PM

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This is a type of bag I imagine you'd take with you when you vacation on private yacht.:nuts: It's gorgeous but I've owned bags with rope handles before and once they get dirty, forget about it! There is nothing you can do to clean them. I'd say NAY and ONLY because it's too high maintenance to use and too expensive not to use!
I agree with LV_Addict (Irene). The rope handles can be difficult to keep clean. If I may make a suggestion (this is my own trick...not authorized by LV) to successfully clean rope handles you can use an Art Gum eraser. It works beautifully on leather as well...in fact I use it on my Viva-cite MM and the strap cleans up nicely. Has anyone else used this trick?
^^^ Please share more info about the Art Gum eraser!!! What is it and where do you get one?!

an art gum eraser (or also known as gummy eraser) is an eraser that you can get at any art or office supply store, and even some convenience stores.. it has the consistency of rubber clay, and it erases very well. it can conform to many shapes, but can be frustrating to use.
Hi! I love this bag, but seems too big and too pricey for what I would want to do with it --- carry stuff to the beach or tote things around everyday. Irene is right in saying this would be something one would carry to a yacht or something.

It's a gorgeous bag, though. If you absolutely love it, then you should get it! Good luck!:yes: