Opinions on this bag please.

  1. Hi, what do you think of this bag?

    eg does it need a shoulder strap, is the size about right? 14x 4 x 8 inches, what about the tabs to close it (should they be buckles?)

    any comments welcome.

    GPO_10.JPG GPO_5.jpg GPO_3.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    personally i like this bag but proportionally it needs to be taller.
    i happen to don't like a bag that shapers farrr to wide than its height
  3. I like the style of it. Is it a used bag?
  4. I think it's cute. I could see it with a vintage-y pencil skirt outfit...
  5. The tabs to close the bag are cute. I think it looks more like a cosmetics bag or travel bag. It's a bit plain for me
  6. I agree.
  7. Yeah it is cute, not really my style but it looks like it could go with a lot of different outfits...

    good luck!
  8. Is it vintage? I must admit, it is rather plain. It sort of reminds of those bags that doctors used to carry.
  9. It looks like a cross between a doctor's bag and a flute case. Kind of plain, maybe jazz up the hardware or something?
  10. It's a cute shape but is it real leather?
  11. Thanks all for your opinions. They are very helpful. It is a prototype and it is real leather.
  12. i see it like a big wallet...
  13. It's a very cute vintage doctor bag! I like it!
  14. thank you bagsrmylife........... it would be nice if you had the money to fill it chai15!! :smile:
  15. looks like a vintage bag, I agree. Could be cute with a ladylike outfit. A bit too tame for me, though!!