opinions on this bag please...

  1. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/16640

    This is the pleated metallic suede b-bag. Has anyone seen this irl? Is it heavy? How much can you fit in this sized b-bag? Can it be worn on the shoulder?

    Has anyone seen it for a better price than this?

  2. IMO, it's a little much, but I could see others pulling it off. They had this one sale at Intermix here in Chicago a few weeks ago--don't know if it's still there or not. It *may* have been the larger size, I don't remember, but definitely that same material.
  3. Liti, do you know if this bag comes in suede and leather, or just leather?

    Is it super shiny in real life? I wouldn't like disco-ball shiny!
  4. I didn't feel it, but the surface to me is not that smooth, so more like suede, I think. It's not disco-ball shiny, more like an antique metallic, IMO.
  5. I liked it a lot, but not enough to buy it. It's more of an evening bag to me. It has a shimmer and to me, has a formality that makes it more difficult to wear.