Opinions on this agenda...?

  1. Okay, I was randomly cleaning out my drawers today and I found this agenda. For some odd reason [I blame it on the LV agenda club :p] recently I have been really wanting an agenda. Unfortunately, I don't have $300 lying around to spend on a designer one...

    But back to the point. I found this agenda that I think my aunt or grandma got for me a loooonngggg time ago that I just never had a use for. I saw it, and I really love the size, everything.

    So I was wondering, what do you think of this...?

    Also, what kind of refills can I use for this?? I know Filofax has some, but I was wondering if there were any Hello Kitty / cutesy ones I could use... :yes: :rolleyes:

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice.

    P1030894.JPG P1030895.JPG

    P1030896.JPG P1030897.JPG
  2. Anyone? :wlae:
  3. i personally don't like denim on anything except jeans...but that could just be me?
  4. unfortunately that goes for me too. But sometimes you need something functional over design, the size looks quite handy and good. Im not sure if hello kitty make any refills, but I know filofax do, maybe you could pop into a stationary store and check out what they've got.
  5. you can google around online for japanese or korean stationary sites, or find a sanrio store to get refills I think
  6. ^ Thanks for the opinions.

    Yeah, I wasn't really feeling the denim at first either, but I do like the size, and they fit the "Pocket" size refills from FiloFax. I shall try to find a sanrio store too.
  7. I think it is cute.
  8. I like it and think it would look heaps cute with Hello Kitty refills or something equally as cute. I'm a fan of denim in whatever it comes in and I think that agenda is a cutie!
  9. ^ i second the hello kitty refills! I think it would be really cute.