Opinions on this 3.1 Phillip Lim dress!

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  1. I really like it, but i'm a total sucker for Philip Lim! :yes:
  2. I think it's really nice.
  3. This dress is nice for cocktail events! I love Phillip lim sweater dress:heart:
  4. That's so cute! Keep it! And the color is gorgeous!!!
  5. Cute :smile:
  6. I think it is really nice!
  7. I see what you mean the front is fierce but the back has butt ruffle or rouching? I say it depends how it looks on you. Other than that the front is FAB and so is the color.... Overall I give it a :tup::queen:
  8. I totally love this dress! And most of his creations to be honest :P
  9. thanks for the responses! i think i'm going to keep it :smile: it'd be perfect for a couple summer weddings i have to go to...

    thought i'd post a modelling picture! ....which unfortunately hides all the pretty details :X

  10. Looks great on you, beautiful colour!
  11. love it!!! keep it, you look gorgeous in it!
  12. HOLY COW you look GORGEOUS! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! I agree about the 80s prom back, but it's updated and sassy - to me, it's a bit tongue in cheek - a bit of a dig at the 80s, but modernised so it doesnt look tacky.

    That really is one hot dress!
  13. I like the front of the dress too. But I think there is too much in the back. I think it will emphasize the butt unless you are skinny. But it definitely looks great on you.
  14. It is really cute on you.