Opinions on these...

  1. ...Miu Miu pumps?
  2. I like red shoes, these are very sexy
  3. Sexy!
  4. very nice!
  5. SEXY! they are on sale at the moment, am i correct? GO FOR IT!!
  6. oooo red patent is so sexy. Go for it, especially if they are on sale you will wear them forever, and I know you love patent leather!
  7. I love them, so hot.
  8. Awesome!
  9. I bought these when they first came out. They are very comfortable and look great with any outfit.
  10. I love them but i love your pj quote even more!
  11. Not a fan of that sculpted heel ...
  12. :tender: yay curlies!
  13. yes, and i'm supposed to quit buying them already :p
  14. They are HOT! Get them!
  15. that's the only thing bothering me....hmmm...:confused1: