opinions on these sunglasses :O)

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  1. what do you guys think ... Im wondering how they would look on me. does anyone have these..any problems with the stones staying in :O) thanks
  2. [​IMG]
    more pic's
  3. They are not really my style.... Too flashy.
  4. I have them.. no problems with the stones! I don't know how it would look on you though, maybe you can try them on and take a pic?
  5. They aren't my style, but I'd definitely suggest trying them on before you buy. They seem to be a nice shape though, so they probably suit most face shapes.

    OT, bisousx, I LOVE your avatar! Pugs are soooo super cute!
  6. I have them and love them. No stones have fallen out and I've worn them often.
  7. if thats really you in the avatar, it would really go well with you.

    I like them. why not? everyone else is wearing those tacky bug eye glasses, why cant you wear a classy pair of real styled sunglasses? lol
  8. I love the large tortoiseshell sides, they really show off how lovely Chanel does tortoiseshell.

    To the poster above me: To each their own, right? :yes:
  9. My mom has these in black/black and they're very comfy. (And she's SUPER picky about sunglasses too -e.g. she won't wear anything w/o nose pads, LOL)

    Anyhow, she has a longer/rounder face and I have a more heart-shaped face and they compliment us both. -But I tend to like the big bug eyed glasses (LOL)

    She's had them for almost 3 years now... and no stones off (however, she does not wear them religiously -every day -more like a few times a week?) if that may make any difference. Either way, I think they're very cute and blingy (we :heart:33 the bling!)
  10. I like them! Very cute!
  11. thanks guys I got them yup thats me in the avatar
    I love bling :O)
    so that part is fine. Here is a pic with my coach glasses I just wanted to try something new :O)
  12. and in the summer I usually wear more bling LOL
    to some might be tacky to me its just fun :O)
    they remind me alot of my coach charlee sunglasses
  13. I have them in black on black. The version I have has the stones scattered around the double c's in stead of bordering it. I've had them since summer of 2005 and every stone is in place and I wear them nearly every day if the suns out. I have a roundish face and I think they look good on me.
  14. Not my style.