Opinions on these shoes?

  1. I bought these Coach flats at Macy's last night....but am uncertain if I should keep them. They are super comfortable, and they don't actually "scream" Coach either because you can't really see the "c's" when they are on your feet.

    What is your opinion?


  2. Quite cute, not sure about the bit at the back though
  3. I think that their super cute (I like the little C's) but not my color.
  4. thx! I've been wearing little gold flip flops lately and I'm surpised at how much they go with! I am not a "gold" person in general, but these are pretty light that's what drew me to them.

    I hope I get some use out of them!
  5. i like them, i have a pair of gold flip flops that i have worn to death
  6. I like em.
  7. Cute!!! Im thinking of buying the same ones in black!
  8. very cute... sometimes subtle to anyway. :smile:
  9. Very pretty
  10. I love them - they would be a keeper for me!:tup:
  11. cute and funcional!
  12. I like 'em and I'd keep 'em :yes:
  13. they look cutie pies and they seem to have a very comfy sole...keepers :tup:!
  14. Well.... I wore them around the house and they killed my foot in one spot!! The area where the stretch band meets the side of the shoe dug into the side of my pinky toe area! Yikes. I am wondering if I should try a 1/2 size up or if this is just the nature of the shoe. Other than that I think they would be super soft in terms of the sole being very cushioned.