Opinions on these dresses?

  1. I love #4
  2. [​IMG]

    ^^ i like this one! and if you use the code 'SUMMER30' you get 30% off.


    ^^ love this too!
  3. My favs are #1 Halter dress and #5 j.p. halter dress.
  4. I love the Rachel Pally and James Perse dresses...they're really cute!
  5. I really like 1 and 4
  6. Number 4 and number 5 are very cute
  7. I loved the green dress, alot. (Link #2)
  8. I love both dresses from Shopbop in your first post, especially the green one, and the one from ravinstyle.
  9. Oh no! I was definitely going to get the green t-bags dress and now it's sold out. :sad: