Opinions on these Costume National booties

  1. Hi girls. I just bought these Costume National booties yesterday and I'm looking for some opinions. I tried on SO many booties at Barneys, Saks and NM this weekend and these were the only ones that I loved. I had a hard time because heels are so high this year and I'm really not comfortable on 4" heels:push:. I thought these were interesting and the elastic back makes them very comfortable.

    What do you think?
  2. Nice! Looks like a wide heel (sort of blade-like), which is pretty stable. How high?
  3. I think they're beautiful, I'd own and wear these in a heartbeat.
  4. Thanks gray and mundo! The heel is about 3.5" and is flat on the inside and rounded in the back. Here's another pic that shoes the heel better.
  5. you're really making me want these. :nuts:

    my wallet can't take it though, so please stop posting pictures. :lol::p

    enjoy them! :flowers:
  6. Very cute. They still look too high for me, tho.
  7. Thanks Jmcadon! I agree that they might be a little high still -- I'm already 5'10"!
  8. i think they are quite cute
  9. I love those!!! *sigh*
  10. They are really cute. It it were me I would pass because I wouldn't be able to get much use out of them being that tall.
  11. I think they are great, very unique look to them. Congrats on a great purchase.
  12. I like them!
  13. Thanks lawchick, kamilla, zoeyzoo, greenleaf and laksalala! I've decided to keep them...
  14. I like them too!
  15. Very nice choice!