Opinions on these booties please!

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  1. I have decided on these booties. I wanted something vintage looking with a comfortable height, but I am undecided on the color. Should I get the gray or the black? I have read reviews on other sites that say the black is not as shiny as it looks in the picture, which I hope is true as I don't want it to be shiny.


    I will mainly be wearing them with tights and dresses (most times black tights). What do you think, go with the old standby black or go with gray?

  2. I like the gray but the black would probably go with more things..
  3. Since you will be wearing them with black tights, go with black.
  4. Cute pair!!!! i personally prefer gray to give a nice contrast. but black is nice too
  5. i prefer the black
  6. luv the black crinkled patent + fabric! i'd wear them w/ tights, a classic shift dress or full skirt!
  7. i was thinking the exact same thing.
  8. Thanks for the help ladies! I think I was personally liking the color of the gray better, but I probably will get more mileage out of the black. So, black it is.
  9. Gray for sure!!! Gray is the color for this season. Gray will go with most of the colors + it will give more contrast with a black tights.