Opinions on these ballerina flats?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am new to Fendi but I found these flats that I really like. Does anyone have these and has pictures of them on? I like them pointy but not super pointy so I would love to see someone wearing them. I wonder how the mesh would hold up? Any opinions are much welcome. Thanks!
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  2. Anyone?
  3. Super cute!
    They are FENDI one of the few designers left with excellent quality.
    The style is timeless and print legendary, you should get them!
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  4. Do the shoes tend to run TTS? Thank you!
  5. I am interested in these flats too... would love to know how sizing runs and comfort level...
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  6. Yes me too! I hope someone can help us out soon :smile:
  7. So I ended up getting the flats, I got my usual size (7) and they fit fine not tight but not loose. They are beautiful and different and have a nice sophistication to them. I was considering getting a 6.5 but I am worried the pointy part of the shoe would hurt my toes. Since the shoe is mostly mesh maybe I don’t have to worry of them stretching and then becoming too loose? I have a foot that it fits more snug and more perfect but I’m concerned about the other foot since that one doesn’t feel as *perfectly snug*. Anyone have mesh flats from FENDI? Any issues with stretching?
    F6497FD7-E322-43D8-83AE-2951A1520938.jpeg 2E0C1A3E-6E83-4B22-8C0E-8A68AD8D3428.jpeg
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    Sinny1 Would love to see a picture of the shoes on, how did you find they wear comfort wise?
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  9. (I guess I just found my next pair of ballerina flats) Why don’t you put a half insole or a little padded backing on the shoe that’s not perfectly snug?
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  10. I have not worn them out just yet! Chicago is still freezing but once it gets nicer Ill go ahead and post. They fit comfortable, I think the mesh helps with comfort definitely. I think they will look amazing with just about anything!
  11. Yes great idea, I will do just that because my other foot fits perfectly so I know I definitely couldn't do a smaller size.
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  12. Love the flats! I have it on my Fendi wishlist, but I can't find a picture of anyone wearing this on. I am not on Insta, so it makes it more difficult to look for it.
  13. Beautiful flats!
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  14. Wow, I absolutely love them!!!! :love::love::love:and I am not usually a flats person or even a logo person.
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  15. they are gorgeous!
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