Opinions on these bags...and are they a good deal?

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  1. ^ i had a look at the links but it seems like bluefly is out of them. that said, the dior lovely line is a fairly new line that's still retailing in the boutiques, so the price for it does seem pretty good.

    the diorissimo i can't tell if it's a recent diorissimo or something from the past. from experience, diorissimos do go on sale at dior (during the 2 main sale season) but it largely depends on the colour of the trim. i think orange, white and hot pink went on sale previously.
  2. They are both in my basket....

    Thanks for the info....I found that diorissimo on one of the websites (either NM or Saks) listed at regular price but in a different colour trim. But Brown is still pretty classic IMO...
  3. Neither of these bags will be at the outlets yet as they are still in stores, I can't find either of those bags under $890 other than bluefly or eBay so it seems to be quite reasonable.

    The first one is the dior lovely multi pocket and that retails here in Australia for $1160 from memory but we pay more for designer :sad:, I looked at getting the pink.

    There's an authentic black diorissimo currently on eBay us:


    And a bargain dior lovely tote:


    Which probably won't help as I just noticed you are in Canada :push:, wish I was in the states :nuts:
  4. Ended at an excellent price :yes:
  5. Yes its a shame she doesnt ship overseas!!
  6. Tell me about it, I didn't bother to ask this time :nuts: