Opinions on these Alice + Olivia Dresses?

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  1. First one hands down.
  2. first one, i like the flirty, feminine look of it and i like the length. i think it's a good mix of classy and fun. also, i think their dresses are worth the price :tup:
  3. I love the first one, but think the second is better for a dinner party.

    As far as sale prices go, I don't own anything by Alice + Olivia and don't know much about the pricing. I'd assume you'd be able to find lower prices somewhere.
  4. They are both really cute, but I like the second one the best!
  5. First one definitely :tup: so cute!
  6. First one. I dont like the asymetric hem on the second
  7. love the first one! the ruffles are so feminine! the second one looks a bit odd with the assymetrical hem and the large collar.. looks a bit spacey.
  8. First one! It's super fun and I'm sure it will look more flattering than the second one on. Because the second one looks like a fitted wool sheath, fit is key. Dangerous when ordering online.

    Shopbop.com has a few on sale too. I love Shopbop by the way. They have great customer service.

    Yeah you might find them on sale for lower prices but they might run out of your size. If you are a really normal size like s/4, don't wait.
  9. 2nd!!
  11. I like the first one waaaaay better. :smile: It would look so cute with black opaque tights and ankle boots now, and worn with black heels later! :smile:
  12. Ohh love both! I think the first one is so NOW but the 2nd one is so Cute as well. 2nd one I suppose. :smile:
  13. The first one is a STUNNER!! What a great dress!