Opinions on the Zipped Purse?!?

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  1. Does anyone here have this?


    Ive never seen anyone talk about it and I really like the zippy and it seems like it could be a nice alternative cus the zippy has alot more compartments than I need! It seems to have almost the exact same dimensions too...hmm Im interested to see if anyone has this and what their comments are! TIA! :smile::jammin:

    EDIT: I just saw thats its also available in Damier! Cute!
  2. I dont' have that but I really do like it!
  3. ^^ Me too Im hoping someone here has it and could show me real pics, etc.! Or at least give their opinion lol, because im really considering it as a wallet
  4. I have the organizer, it's a bit bigger than this one.
    It all depends on each individual's need.
    I LOVE zipped wallets... Hope you get it! :graucho:
  5. I like the shape and the fact that the zip is a bit hidden, unlike the zippy wallet. But this has fewer slots right? compared to zippy wallet..
  6. Very sweet! I have the zippy because I need the extra slots but this one would do nicely as well.
  7. They are both great wallets! I have the zippy wallet in mono - and didn't think I would use all the slots - but I find it so helpful to know they're there. You don't have to use them all - I actually don't - but it's great to organize even other things - receipts, etc. when you're at the checkout and running around. Either one is great!
  8. Yeah it has fewer slots, but its not like I need them anyway I have like 2-3 cards lol:P Yeah im thinking this ones a winner:wlae:!!! Now I just have to decide when ill be getting it:graucho:
  9. :huh:o i have that wallet!~ i really like it and get lots of compliments on it. i first bought this one since i didnt have alot of CC's but now i have more but i just stick my license and debit card in the 2 slots and put the rest on one side and cash in the other but still no problem. it fits alot more than it looks like it can.
  10. I have the new Denim Zippy Wallet and I just love it. It has all the storage space you could want and a beautiful yellow leather interior. Go for it!!
  11. ^^ Whats the retail on the denim zippy??