Opinions on the white padlock?

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  1. I saw this on a black one, and have to say, IMHO it is awful.

    The black lock on a black paddy is better.

    We all like different things though, so personal choice.
  2. Don't like it at all... :Push:
  3. Just my opinion but I think it looks awful :yucky:
  4. The only three styles of hardware that I like are the traditional brass, the silver hardware, and the black. The brown and the white are not rich looking IMHO....:smile::yes:
  5. i think it looks nice on the darker bags- interesting contrast, but if it's anything like my black paddy it will nick and chip and look like crap
  6. Well...It's different...I have to admit I'm definitely not a fan, but then again, i also don't like the black lock or the one with rinestones. I saw a pair of shoes somewhere with the white hardware though and those seemed cute.
  7. Is this Chloe's rendition of the white Chanel J12 watch??? This lock looks cheesy to me IMO.
  8. Do you really need another opinion? Dont' know but:

    I am not a fan. Good Luck!
  9. I have Silver, Black & a Crystal lock ---
    I do like different looks ....... the black lock does chip, so I'm sure the white will also.
    My thoughts -- if you like it GET IT, you're the one carrying it!
  10. i am into designer bags that are different from what the masses are carrying, so i'm kinda intrigued by the white lock here. i imagine this would look really good on a white bag! - especially for summer - white looks so good right now. but with this particular bag, i think the fact that the lock is white and the hardware is not makes it look kinda weird. i don't know how that one got past design QA at chloe, seriously.
  11. I agree with what was said earlier, this will chip easily and will not be a pleasant sight as against the remaining white coating.
  12. Not my favorite!

  13. Totally agree:tup: The white is not for me, but it is very different and if you like it--> GET IT!

    I's you who is going to carry it and it is a great feeling having something that not that many other have:yes:

  14. :blah: ;)