Opinions on the Weekend Tote

  1. Does anyone here have the weekend tote and if so is it comfortable over the shoulder? Also, do you think it looks okay in black? I am going to las vegas in three weeks and i'm wondering if I should hold off getting it before then in case they have some weekend totes there on sale.
  2. I saw that one on our local Nordstrom. They are on sale.
  3. i dont really like them, the shape is a little weird for me and i think i tried one on and it didnt fit over my shoulder but i have bigger arms so it might on you good luck!!
  4. I used to have the gold one, and it was definately comfy on my shoulder! I got mine at an outlet, it was about $150 for the large one.
  5. I wanted the gold one but only saw it in white and black today. $100 for the large tote. Grrr. I wish I can go to the other outlet and see if they have it in gold.
  6. I have that shape in the pink scarf pattern and I LOVE it. The size is great and it can fit a ton. It fits over my shoulder just fine.
  7. i have that style in the khaki optic and i love it. if that's the large, then it's the perfect size if you need to carry a lot of stuff. i use it as my purse/school bag and it holds everything.
  8. I love the prints, but the shape is just not my style.
  9. The size for this bag is 10.5 x 10.25 x 4.5. Do you think they will have this at the las vegas outlet?
  10. I own and love this bag. Its a great bag for throwing around and it holds alot without being heavy. Call the outlet before you purchase one here if the have it wait.
  11. I'm not usually a fan of the nylon or whatever fabric it is but I love that particular bag. I looked at it at the store the other day and thought it would be a perfect everyday, throw-around bag that I wouldn't have to worry about. I especially liked the suede detailing - so soft.

    I actually considered the baby bag version of that one (below) because it would be great for carrying my laptop...the changing pad would be perfect for wrapping around the laptop to cushion it.

  12. Holy crap, how did I never think of that? I'm always on the lookout for a great laptop bag, and all this time there was a laptop tote right under my nose. Thanks for the tip, this deserves some serious consideration. :amuse:
  13. LOL, no problem! Happy to be of service :lol: .
  14. I've been considering buying the Weekend tote for that very reason! I really need a laptop bag :sad:
  15. ^^^ Hee hee hee, I've been thinking I could use that as an excuse to get it...."Well, it's not JUST a tote bag, it's also a LAPTOP bag...and a diaper bag! For all the times that I need to change a diaper and have my laptop handy!" :lol: Somehow I don't think my spouse would fall for that.