Opinions on the vanilla epi

Jul 20, 2006
So I never got anything in the vanilla epi and suddenly I am thinking I should have something. Its not really popular on ebay.. never really sold great in the stores so..:wlae:
I found a few pieces on ebay not a speedy ( what I really want ) or even an alma but I did find the flat st tropez(?) should I?? Thanks.. :graucho:
IMO don't get something just based on the color. Vanilla is a gorgeous color I think, but I won't get a St Tropez even if I run out of Vanilla options, because I think it will only sit in my closet looking pretty.

My fav in this color are Speedy, Soufflot, and Ramatuelle. Just be patient, I'm sure you'll find one sooner or later :smile: