Opinions on the Tano Rockapulco?

  1. I, for some reason unknown do not own a black bag. I am looking for more of a knock-around type but still of nice quality and a designer I know. I keep going back to the Tano Rockapulco but I have never owned a Tano and whenever there are discount codes the Rockapulco is never in the mix. Does anyone have this bag and have any opinions?
  2. I love that bag!
  3. I just found the bag you were talking about and I think it's so CUTE!! I hope you get it!!
  4. I knoooow. I love it. I can't decide if I should wait a little and get the bag I have been lusting after hardcore (Botkier large Sophie) or get the Tano now - which is also fabulous.
  5. I love Tano. For me, it's a great bag, great quality, funky and fun. Especially when you don't or can't spend a lot of money. They are made very well and hold up very well. Tano is what I carry most of the time especially since I'm constantly running around with my three little ones. I love the fact that I can get a new bag quickly without breaking the bank b/c I'm the type that gets bored rather quickly with bags. I would totally go for it!