opinions on the Suhali line?

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  1. i purchased my first LV recently and it's the suhali lockit pm in white. i wanted to ask for everyone's opinion on this line because the majority of the threads i see on here is about monogram. I've had very strange experiences when i take my bag out. strangers stare and keep staring even when i look right at them. its unbelievable. women walk right into their husbands because they can't take their eyes off the bag. however i haven't gotten any real compliments, only constant, long stares. my family just says things like, "it's cute but i'd never buy it because white is too hard to maintain." i love my bag regardless of what others think but i'm just curious as to what most people think of LV's suhali line. I'm considering getting another LV but this was the one I just had to have.
  2. Suhali is SUCH a great line... it just screams elegance and sexy-ness!!! :biggrin:
  3. Suhali, is one of the most "stealth" LV lines that is incredibly stunning. I love the simplicity of the designs and the amazing leather. Most people won't really recognize it as being LV unless they are LV aficionados, which sometimes is a good thing as it is quite subtle and lady like.:love:
  4. Congrats! I LOVE the Suhali line..all I have right now is the plum agenda but I want to get the black Le Fab someday. I think it's just a really elegant line and doesn't scream LV (not that I mind the monogram bags a bit).
    You're probably getting looks because these days, people spend a LOT of time trying to figure out whose bags are by what designer and since there aren't any logos, no one can figure it out. ;)
  5. I agree with all three answers above..
  6. awesome.. post a pic..:yes:
  7. This line is so classy and sophisticated, you have the best of the LV collection in my opinon!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Congrats on your suhali lockit! It's such a stunning and classy bag. :love:
  9. Suhali is the 2nd best lv line after classic mono.:yes:
  10. I loveee the Suhali line but have yet to own a piece from this line (I hope to soon though ;) ). The leather feels and looks great :yes: .

    Congrats on your new bag!
  11. i love the Suhali line; it's the most elegant line around i have a white L'Epanoui GM and i love it to death, and i'm thinking of getting a black L'Ingenieux PM one of these days :graucho:
  12. It's the most luxurious line from LV IMO. CONGRATS and post pics!!
  13. Thanks to everyone that responded. All of you are so sweet. :smile: Your comments made me so happy. I was beginning to think all these people were looking at me because they didn't like the bag. :shrugs: Here are some new pics.
    closeup.jpg lockit1.jpg lockit2.jpg
  14. I have this bag too and it is such an elegant and classic style:yes: Suhali is really easy to maintain....I want a black lockit mm or gm:heart:
  15. it's pretty :yes: