Opinions on the Speedy Mini Lin Ebene 30

  1. Looking for thoughts on the Speedy Mini Lin Ebene 30.

    Wanted to know what people thought about the durability of the material. Love the look, but wondering if the Damier Ebene is a better choice for winter weather?
  2. I think the durability of the fabric is pretty good. I mean it's treated but I would imagine you'd not want to get it completely soaked. As long as your a little careful, it should be fine.
  3. And Welcome to tPF!!
  4. LOVE this bag!!!!!
  5. I used mine last night and it was pouring rain ... and she did just fine! I love this speedy!
  6. Love it! IMO it's just a matter of whether you want the monogram and look of Mini Lin or the checkerboard Damier pattern-- they are both durable.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your help!!! I have the wallet in the mini lin and it seems pretty durable (although I do worry about the fabric every now and again) but it's inside my purse all the time so that's not a REAL test! :o)

    I think I'm pretty much sold on the mini lin. Just LOVE that look.
  8. I have the speedy, zippy wallet and cles all in Ebene and I can't say enough about them!! Very durable and chic!!
  9. Love mini lin, where is bejwl LOL. I had both ebene and dune, very durable !!!
  10. has anyone had a problem with their threading on the fabric being pulled?
    heres a picture to illustrate in case im using the wrong term.
  11. ^^ there are pulls but they wont get worse.. thats what linen is.. When you have clothing made of linen is the same way. Doesnt worsen.
  12. No problems with it... but I don't use mine often.
  13. No prob with mine either. Yes there will definitely be pulls and I actually don't bother with it, however I did cut off some of those which are more obvious.. hee. Guess I shouldn't be doing that huh.
  14. I have the Speedy mini lin ebene and I love it!

    It's very classy, understated and an all weather bag!

    I got great advice about it on TPF and was told that the mini lin material is really sturdy. I was also told that the fabric might have pulls in it already but that it never get worse. The advice I got was to go to the store, look well at the bag and get one that is free of pulls. I did just that.
    I'm not someone who babies her bags. I also have 2 curious little girls.
    I've been using this Speedy very often lately (rain, snow or shine) and it's been holding up GREAT. It looks new. LOVE it :smile:
  15. I looove the mini lin. Its so different yet so chic!