Opinions on the small Trendy CC?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a small Trendy CC bag to add to my collection, and would love to hear some thoughts/opinions on the bag.... I would buy pre-loved and haven't actually seen the bag in person, so any info would be really helpful! Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't own the bag, but I love it and plan to get one eventually. I think it's adorable and a good length of chain for its size. Good luck deciding!
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  3. Thanks for the reply!!
  4. I love the trendy cc collection, and in terms of the flap the small size is my favorite! it's timeless and chanel has continuously released it for the past 2 years or so every other season so it's definitely a staple to own :smile:
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  5. Just bought one recently. LOVE it :love::love::love: Can fit loads it there -- much much more than I expected. Also, it could look both dressy and casual depending on your outfit. I'm smitten. You definitely should go try it on in person and see if you like it. :smile:
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  6. I have the medium and love it. It makes quite a statement; a statement that says "I love Chanel."
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  7. I have the small, black with distressed ruthenium and I love its characteristics with one caveat (maybe two).

    Pros: easy to carry, pliable lambskin, top handle (duh), separate compartments, leather lining, the plate on top is appealing (and not too in your face when worn) and not prone to scratches (handle protects it in a way), lightweight (unless heavily filled like any bag), can be worn cross body if you have slim/short frame.

    Cons: when worn on my shoulder, I can't close the flap easily with one hand, and the bottom is susceptible to wear due to no feet, looks bulky if super filled.

    With that said, it's one I will keep in my collection forever, in fact I'm thinking of another, such as the denim :amuse:.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 12.02.10 AM.png
    Good luck in deciding, it's not for everyone :smile:
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  8. I'm also thinking of this bag, the design and look is just beautiful. But the only thing I'm unsure of is the metal plate on top of the flap. I don't mind it being 'flashy' (as some people would say) but I am worried about the wear. Has anyone had any bad experience with the plate? Do you think there will be any trouble replacing or repairing this from the boutique? TIA!
  9. Thank you so much for all of the great info!! I think that the size/style will work for me, and I've found a pre-loved one in a colour that I love. I think I will take the plunge!!!
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  10. I have the Trendy CC in denim :amuse: I bought it over a month ago and I have used it a couple of times. So I can only give my first impressons :rolleyes:
    I love this bag! It's very light and very roomy with the compartments :smile: The strap is a good lenght for a shoulder bag. I also like that you can take the strap off :P
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  11. I have the small in black and love it! Trendy cc is my favorite style Chanel. Highly recommend for all the reasons stated above.
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  12. I have the small. It's from the first year it came out, 2014. This picture is from June so shows it at 3 years old. It has held up very well. The plate has a hairline scratch under the "h" but it doesn't really show. Maybe in certain light if I point it out. I just use the polishing cloth on the lambskin once in a while. I use the Trendy as an everyday bag in rotation, so it's not babied. I am very happy with it & I get a lot of compliments. 20170404_173756.jpeg
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  13. Love my Trendy CC too! Definitely go for it.
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  14. I'm excited for your reveal :yahoo:
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  15. Would you say denim is easy to match? And what is its retail price? I'm seriously considering one in denim :smile:
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