opinions on the small matelasse (not the clutch)

  1. has anyone seen a small matelasse bag in person? I've only seen pictures and it's sooooo cute! but is it a practical bag? does anyone know the price on these little dears?

    thank you!
  2. Mercer, I'm pretty sure it runs around $1195.
  3. I saw it yesterday in black, it was ok, but it didn't enthuse me. Sorry! The matelasse clutch was very cute (saw it in plomb) but the price was too high so I didn't consider it.
    Now, about the small matelasse. It's a smallish square quilted bag. Sound familiar? Yes, because someone has already mastered the style. My point is, it's exactly the shape of the classic Chanel, so if I were to chose one it would be Chanel. Also the handles on this style start too low and I didn't like it on such a small bag.
    I'm sorry for the harsh critique, but I expected so much more!
  4. thanks so much! i really appreciate the honest assessments. it's so cute, but until a person sees it in real life, it makes it really hard to judge about how practical a bag would be. this might be something to try and score if it gets discounted.
  5. Oh Danae~ I agree with you regarding the price of the quilted clutch~ I would love that but the price is insane! I too have to haved crossed it off my list.:sad:
  6. NM has some of the small and large in various colors on sale. If you call around, I'm sure you can find one! I know that NM Austin and NM Houston still have a couple.
    I actually like the style and am contemplating a small or large one. It is a lot more boxy and structured than other bbags, but I like structured bags....just depends on your opinion. I also like that it is wider than other bbags.
  7. Hey mercer I just posted in the shopping forum about a truffle matelasse I just saw at Bob Ellis on sale for $699, what a steal! I can't be sure if it was the small or another size though as I don't know the matelasse bags well. Give them a call if interested.
  8. as usual, you guys rock! thanks for all of the tips and thoughts! i'm still thinking of the wee matelasse, but will hold out for a great price (or until i see one in person and can't help myself!)
  9. Mercer,
    Here's a pic of the small matalesse from Daisy at Balenciaga NY.

    I'm kind of put off by the service there, though. I called and talked to her about it, and when I asked for a pic, she just said abruptly "why?" (!) I turned red (luckily she couldn't see) and explained that I was interested in it.

    Here's the pic:

  10. ^^ohmygosh! thanks for sharing the pic. it's adorable!
  11. The handles starting so low bugs me too, Danae -that was the first thing I noticed about it & thought it looked bizarre. Maybe my eyes just need to adjust...
  12. I saw it today...and I must admit I prefer the Medium and even more the Large:heart:...
    In this small size I'm agree with Danae : I would prefer to go for a Chanel.
  13. I like structured bags too, but this small one looks like a lunch box to me. I am also put off by the handles. I am really sad because the French Blue medium one I had was too big for my needs, so I was really looking forward to the small. Now if it was styled exactly like the med & large ones just smaller, I would have loved it!
    For anyone who wants a size comparison for the medium Matelasse, here ya go...
  14. ^^gaaaah! that is just the prettiest bag family!
  15. It's really cute! I like it more than the larger matelasse bags.