Opinions on the Sloane, please

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  1. I have BV fever!
    I love my medium veneta so much that I think she needs a sister! I was thinking of a large veneta but the SA suggested I try the sloane. It looked too boxy for me. But after trying it on, I'm hooked! The bag was drapey and unstructered and so so beautiful!
    My only concern was the magnetic closure at the top.

    I would love to hear the opnion of you lucky TPFers who have a sloane. Is the top closure secure enough? And does the leather soften with use?

    Thanks, in advance!
  2. I just got mine (via a reseller) a few days ago. I love it. I don't carry as much as some people do. My sloane is from 2007 or 2008 and is lambskin. It is already really soft and it "puddles" beautifully.
  3. Thanks!
    The 'puddling' sounds lovely! Just what I want!
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    The leather is Nappa Umbria. My other BV's are calf leather, which is soft, but not nearly as soft as the lambskin. In the photo, I had stuffed the bag a bit, just to make it stand up a little. I don't know how it could get any softer than it already is. It's like a cube of melting butter. I was told by the revious owner that the bag I bought was produced around 2007 or 2008. She also told me that the current Sloanes are made of calf leather and have more body. As I understand it, the new Sloanes soften beautifully also. However, I am a novice, so someone else will have more accurate information for you. One thing....it is a lot easier to get into it than my medium Veneta is.
  5. Thanks, diane! Your sloane sounds absolutely fabulous!
    BV leather is second to none! They just know how to handle it and construct bags - pure craftsmanship!
  6. pree - the Sloane is a much discussed bag. It seems one of those you like or dislike (I'm in the "like" camp). There are lots of opinions on this style, pros and cons. To get the "most bang for your buck" my recommendation is to do a search. I just did and there are 500 threads in our forum where Sloan is mentioned.
  7. As jburgh noted, there are a lot of Sloane and "Sloane or Veneta" threads to be searched (I know, because I had a lot of questions myself when I started). You can search those threads and read the comments, but it's going to come down to whether you find the magnetic closure to be easier than a top zipper, or not. It seems like the answer should be one or the other, but it really depends on the person using it. Some really hate the flaps on the Sloane because it prevents their hand from reaching in directly without having to push a flap out of the way, but then again, having the flaps overlay each other keeps the contents more secure than having the flaps "kiss" in the middle. Others love the flaps, because they find it easier to manipulate them with one hand versus a top zipper.

    I'd ask your SA about whether the newer light calf Sloanes would become "puddle-soft." I've never handled one of the new Sloanes. I do have some BV nappa bags and BV calf bags, and my own impression is that the calf ones will never be quite that soft, though they will soften. On the flip side, a calf Sloane might better hold its bottom base shape, which some might prefer over having the base end up being saggy after being used a lot with heavy items in it.
  8. The sloane is my favorite BV bag. I have 2 - Ottone and Curry. Hope to get a nero soon.
  9. Sloane is my favorite too. Have it in Sapphire and Maroon. Can't take my eyes off them. :smile:
  10. Love my sapphire Sloane, so much drapey leather.
  11. I bought a calfskin Sloane about a month ago ~ while I've never carried a Sloane in Nappa Umbria, I can say the calfskin strikes me as much different than the Nappa Umbria in the New Pyramid style (the NP is a similar shape to the Sloane). I think you lose some suppleness with the calfskin, but gain some soft structure that is perfect for the Sloane.

    For instance, the magnetic closure is easy to use with the support of the calfskin holding it open or closed (I'm normally biased toward zip closures, but love the way the magnetic closure works on the calfskin Sloanes).

    It is a bit "squeaky" sounding around the handles when you first get it, but this seems to lessen over time (I carried mine for about 2 weeks and noticed the bag start to "settle" into itself).
  12. These comments about calf are interesting to think about dpt, and blueiris. Neither of my Sloanes are regular Nappa - the Ferro is Nappa Umbria, and I believe the Ottone is a sandwashed goatskin (please correct me on the Ottone if I am mistaken!). I so wish there was a boutique near me.
  13. When I was at the BV boutique, the sales actually brought out a few colors for the sloane for me to try. All calf skin, while the moro is super soft, the nero and blood is considerably more structured and feel different. kwim.. However, the SA stress that even the leather on new bags may vary a little, they should all settle into the same software once they're broken in.
  14. I tried the moro sloane. The color is beautiful - a really lovely dark, rich brown.
  15. Jburgh, I wish, too! Ottone is goatskin, yes. I was lucky enough to have one of my BV SAs locate and send one to me to consider a few years ago, when they were long gone from the US! That one had both pliability and great body, more body than the nero nappa capri Sloane that I used to own (nappa capri had SO much softness and gleam, it was almost like fabric--swoon-worthy). I'm now remembering that I once encountered nappa umbria Sloanes while in London, and that they had a LOT of structure compared with the nappa capri and goatskin--but then again, they were in backstock, not on display, and so they hadn't been handled very much. My only experience with light calf bags is with my Marcapunto Cabat, which is easy to compare with my orchid. 2 years on, and Marcapunto is still very structured. Orchid was puddly after a few weeks!

    Very lovely color. I tried on a moro New Pyramid while in London (a few years ago), and the color almost made me buy it. Was it nappa umbria, or light calf?