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  1. Hi guys. I just got my very first Chloe. I love it but I need honest opinions on the size. Do you think it's an ok size or is it too big for me? What do you all think?
    IMG_1586.jpg IMG_1588.jpg IMG_1589.jpg IMG_1591.jpg
  2. i think it's perfect!
  3. Looks great, I have the large Betty and love it. It can be stuffed or let it collapse under your arm, either look is great. Congrats!!
  4. I think the size is perfect for you. It is very becoming on you.
    May I ask how much does it weigh? I got rid of my Chloe Betty because it was too heavy. The one that I got was the first verson with heavy metal hardware (snapped in lock). I think it weighed about 5 lbs. Yours seems to be the newer deisgn that rids of the heavy metal, and thus should be slightly better. However, Chloe leather is usually very heavy (although very luxurious and high quality). You need to make sure you can tolerate the weight , especially having to carry the bag on foot all day long.
  5. perfect size for you. do you feel like it's too big and that's why you're asking? maybe it will grow on you..
  6. I think it looks good on you - but it's a tad bit too big. I wouldn't carry a bag that big - wouldn't know what to carry in it I guess. If you need a big bag then it's perfect. I only carry a wallet, phone, keys, agenda and some makeup - you might carry books etc. It's pretty but my first instinct was it's too big.
  7. Depends where you live. What might have been a too big bag before, now that I live in NYC, is the minimum acceptable size to carry all the crap I might need during the day that i can no longer just throw in my car.

    I think that here we gravitate towards bigger bags, as is constantly reinforced when people go, what DO you have in there?!
  8. The reason I'm asking is that although I love bigger bags, I always thought this bag was too big. I fell in love with this style the moment I saw it over a year ago. I wanted the medium size but for whatever reason the medium is IMPOSSIBLE to find. I have never, ever seen one in real life. I have looked high and low for it (excluding eBay/Amazon/bluefly) but never found it. I recently heard a rumor that Chloe won't be making this style anymore. I snagged this one for 60% off even though it wasn't the size I really wanted. I just got it yesterday and I love it. I just don't know if I'm deluding myself into suddenly thinking it's a good size when I used to think it was too big in order to justify keeping it. I knew you ladies would be honest with me if I asked!

    I don't know how much it weighs but it doesn't strike me as heavy. I have a MJ that I think is probably heavier than this. The Hudson style. I don't have a scale so I can't weigh it either!
  9. It looks nice on you. It may take a while to get used to, but I think you will soon enough!
  10. I think it looks fine. I love big bags though. Keep it if you're in LOVE!!
  11. I think that's your answer! I got one yesterday I should love and I think I don't, and it's going back. If I didn't feel the need to take it out today, I'm not in love. If you love it, it doesn't matter if it's "too big." And it's not like it's something that's so bizarre that even if you're in love, it'll look stupid carrying around in two months.

    Keep it and love it!
  12. :tup:
  13. Looks great on you, not overpowering at all!
  14. I love big bags. It looks great on you!
  15. i think it's big!