Opinions on the Radiant, please

  1. There always seems to be a Choo obsession with me. ;) Lately, I am infatuated with the burgundy biker leather w/water snake trim. I'd love it in a Ring,:drool: but am not holding my breath. I have seen it currently available in both a Radiant and Ramona. i already have the tan biker Ramona version, so what do you think of the Radiant? Is it too similar to the Ramona? Does it have a zipper? I have only seen a side view. I'm going to call Casey at Choo and ask her about the liklihood of finding a Burgundy Ring. But until then, please give me those opinions on the Radiant. Thanks!
  2. LOVE the Radiant!!!
  3. jburg: I have a Radiant in the burgundy biker leather. It is a gorgeous bag. It is a pretty good size bag, actually larger than I normally carry. (Riki is perfect for me) It has a large zipper compartment, not just a pocket inside the bag you can secure your wallet and any valuables in. It fits nicely on your shoulder. I love the extra metal pieces on the straps that the Ramona does not have.
    radiant 004.jpg radiant 005.jpg radiant 003.jpg
  4. Thanks that was helpful. :yes: I really needed that inside view. Your bag is beautiful. What I gleaned from your comments is that the Radiant is somewhere in between the sizes of Riki and Ramona. It sure is tough when you don't have a Choo boutique nearby. Maybe that is a good thing :graucho: !
  5. this bag was one of the ones i saw at nm - i tryed it on and somehow it felt heavier and bigger then the ramona to me:shrugs:.
  6. Jmcadon - LOVE YOUR BAG!!!:tup::drool::drool:

    you look small and the bag looks perfect - not too big at all.
    I want one!!!
  7. Actually this bag is really light for a larger handbag. I think it might be wider than the Ramona, but not as high. That's one thing I like about Choo bags is they tend to be lighter weight bags.:heart:
  8. Jburgh

    I say, get one of each:roflmfao: Buy the Burgundy Ring and the Black Radiant;)


    Since Neiman Marcus still has the bags on their site, you can get the Burgundy Radiant and the Black Ring:nuts: and I think NM has double points coming up in a couple of days:wlae:
  9. Right on Robyn!:tup:
  10. Robyn is one of the great enablers, that's for sure!! :choochoo:

    I do love Jmcadon's burgundy Radiant though, and it looks great on her! :tup:
  11. Thanks Lady chinadoll and Stinkerbelle! I love my Radiant, too. I think it is my favorite Choo....yet. I came so close to buying the navy suede Arad today. But I must show some restraint! I am trying to decide between the Arad and the purple Maddy...oh lord give me strength!!!!
  12. Just wait until you see the Cruise 08 bags! :choochoo::sos::choochoo:
  13. OMG that is gorgeous!!
  14. jmcadon - I am so jealous I have been lusting over this bag for months. I am afraid by the time I can afford it they will be out of stock. I guess I should remember this post so I can drool over yours.

    jburgh - If you get the bag I would love to have another set of pictures to drool over in case I can't get it.