Opinions on the Purse style?

  1. I was thinking of adding a purse style to my collection. I have a city and don't really like the shoulder strap but prefer shoulder bags so I thought the purse sounds perfect. Since I can't find one to look at in person I was hoping I could get some feedback on it. What are the pluses and draw backs to it versus a bag like the day or city?
  2. As far as I am concerned, there are no minuses. I love mine. You know it is discontinued, right? You would have to track one down that is left in stores (which often means the bottom of the picked over barrel) if you want a new one or buy one on eBay.

    The size is closest to a city but as one person so aptly put it, 'minus the flying zippers'.
  3. I also have two questions on the purse I can't see from the pics. Hopefully someone can help. First what is the main compartment closure? It looks like a zipper. Second how long is the stap drop? I know it fits over the shoulder but will it with a light jacket or coat?
  4. I had a purse, but didn't love the way that it looked on me. It has no depth, so it is very flat. It does have a zip top closure, but unlike the city, the zipper does not extend out past the bag. This makes the bag opening smaller. It is really hard to get a magazine into the purse due to the opening size, but once it is inside it fits. I don't remember the exact drop, but it did fit over my shoulder with a coat on. I did have trouble with one strap always falling off my shoulder if this bothers you . . . I have seen pictures of the purse on other people and it looks FAB, it just wasn't for me. I :heart::heart::heart:the city best!
  5. I love the purse style. I only have one, but that's because I started liking them once they were discontinued. The closure is a ziiper, and the it definitely fits over your shoulder, with a jacket/coat.
  6. Something about the Purse never quite appealed to me that much, but I do love the new Step style which is kind of similar. You may want to look into that one too, since it's a current style. :yes:
  7. It sounds like you may also like a brief which would be easier to find...
  8. I would say go for a step. If you can find a purse, go for it-- I seem to be one of the rare ladies on here that likes it. I do adore the step though, it kind of looks like the purse. I wouldn't buy a brief if I were you, the straps didn't fit me that well, and I'm skinnay.. I like having a shoulder bag.
  9. To put it nicely, I am not fond of the purse. The step is 1000x better.
  10. ^^ i'm a fellow purse lover!!! :tup:

    p.s. i've gotta black one & it's supa-cool :heart:
  11. ZoeZoo: Purse has been discontinued. The new Step is close to Purse. It's combined with Purse and Brief. If you really like Purse, you may check with Aloha Rag. I talked with them before I got my Step and found out they still have two bags in Purse available. Here are the pics:
    Marron Purse:

    Emerald Purse:

    This is Step:

    Hope you may find your dream bag soon. :winkiss::winkiss:
  12. I absolutely love the Purse style!:love: Here are some pics of Lindsay and Christina with their Purses!:tender:
  13. If I get the purse style do they come with those boobs too.. maybe a little smaller ::roflmfao:
  14. I'm not a fan of the Purse style either, but I like the Step.
    I think I don't like the fact that Purse has no depth to it.

    Still, I like the City much better:yes:
  15. I love the purse! Handle drop varies - some are stretched from use and thus fit even more comfortably onto the shoulder. I like the Step too but it doesn't have the same scrummy lower corners...