Opinions on the pleated hobo? HELP!

  1. Hi, I was thinking about getting a basic black leather bag, and I think this bag may do the job. I have a black coach sig hamptons carry all but I don't like to use it every day, especially during the winter. However, I know the pleated hobo didn't do too well last year, I don't think it was that popular. So my question is, will the hobo look too unstylish ? (i don't think that's a real word) he he.:shrugs:
  2. i saw the bag in person in outlets recently, and my honest opinion is that it looks a little strange and awkward. i know some people really like it and i personally have the wristlet, but the bag looked kind of frumpy.
  3. From what I heard here, they were on clearance this past week. The last price I saw them at before clearance was $189.99
  4. I love the pleated wristlet but the bag looks a little dated to me. I think it's cute, though. If you like it, go for it!
  5. I tried this one on at the outlet and think it looks good. It also seems lightweight and great for daily use.
  6. I have it in brown and I love it! It's so classic looking to me, it holds alot, and I like how it hangs nicely on the shoulder. It's a great bag for everyday in my opinion.
  7. I love how classic it looks. If you love it, get it!
  8. If you like it, get it. I am looking for one in the dusted suede material.
  9. The aurora outlets had them in black, brown, white leather, as well as silver dusted, and the red/purple suede mosaics last night. They weren't on clearance though...just near the clearance shelves.

    I think they're very pretty - but too much bag for an every day bag for me. I have the red/purple suede wristlet that matched and bought my mom the silver dusted one. And THEY are adorable. Didn't see those at my outlet though....not sure if they made it there? I bought both at the boutique.
  10. I can't see your thumbnail, but I think I know the bag you are thinking about, and I really like it! I actually picked up a white/cream one at the outlets for myself when I was Christmas shopping. I'm surprised this bag didn't sell better because I think it's really pretty. I'm excited to wear it with some gold sandals this spring! I actually was really thinking about picking it up last year when it was full price but I held off.
    I got it for $159! Woo-hoo!
  11. not really feeling it,doesn't have the clean lines i hoped it would have.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm still undecided, I also like the large carly that just came out. If I do get the hobo, it will have to be one that came from the actual Coach store rather than the factory ones, b/c I heard the leather was inferior at the factory location.
  13. i love the pleated hobo. i have one and it's a good lightweight bag, but still fairly roomy.
  14. I love it. Love how cute it looks on Jessica Alba

  15. So what do you mean by the leather being inferior at the factory. I thought those bags are the same ones from the Coach store??:shrugs: