Opinions on the Pelham please!

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  1. Hi, I haven't been able to try the pelham sizes in store, and probably won't be able to because I'm so busy, but which pelham size would you prefer? The small (14 inches) or the medium (19 inches). The medium sounds and seems quite large when I measure it out with my measuring tape, but the bag is like a hobo, so I'm not sure and totally confused now :sad: What does everyone suggest?

    I'm looking for an everyday bag, but I don't have too much stuff. I want to tote this bag everywhere so I don't want it to be too big -- I was first leaning towards the medium, but if the medium is really big in real life, then I guess the small will do. Opinions please! TIA :heart:
  2. I prefer the small. I believe msmelanie has photos with the size comparison in one of her threads. Try doing a search.
  3. i prefer the small and i'm 5'3
  4. i'm in love with the pelham and want to get the small. i'm 5'3'' also.
  5. i have the medium.. and i LOVE it!
    i'm 5'5.5" and i think the medium fits well.

  6. I think the medium is a perfect size but I like bigger bags.
  7. thanks for everyone's input! i'm heading to my gucci store tmrw actually to check it out because after cmonster's photo above, i'm liking the medium (i'm 5'5.5" too!! haha) so I'll have to try it on for sure to see :biggrin: i'm so excited!!
  8. I think the medium will look great on you. Have fun.
  9. i have one in the medium size and im about 5'3'' or 5'4''.
  10. I'm a few inches shorter and I also have the medium. I do find it a bit on the heavy side, especially when i load it up. Semi loaded up is not light either, it took a bit of getting use to in the beginning.

    Or, maybe i'm just weak........
  11. i tried the medium and the small pelham and they LOOK THE SAME ON ME!! i'm definitely getting the medium though...just more bang for the buck in the long run ;) i'm also getting the biba large hobo in mono with chocolate leather trim
  12. I'm glad you got a chance to try both sizes on. It's tough because they are pricey bags.
  13. I prefer the medium as well. Good luck. Share pixs soon!!
  14. can't wait to see pictures Bee-licious! I want the pelham too! :sad: but I don't think it will be on sale :crybaby:
  15. The only Gucci I really loved was the Pelham - I got the medium. I'm 5'3" and the medium is as small as I would ever want. I got the Guccissima leather in cream.
    Extra 2.jpg Gucci resized 7.jpg lining.jpg