Opinions on the Paddington - Cross Body? Pics wearing it?

  1. Hi ladies --- I am new to Chloe and looking at getting my first! :yahoo: I really need a messenger style bag and was thinking of getting the crossbody (in nutmeg).

    Any girls have it? opinions? :confused1:
    How heavy is it? How long is the strap?

    And also....any pics of you wearing it?

    Much appreciated!!!!
  2. I dont have one but personally love the style. I am sure there are lots of people on here that can help you out.

    Good luck
  3. check out the chloe in action thread. there's a couple of photos of the cross body paddy. it actually made me want one.
  4. I have one and it is very heavy, but because of the shoulder strap, it's a little more tolerable. The strap itself is not very long. I can't use it as a crossbody, however, you could have it modified by adding more holes to make it longer. The opening to get in and out of the bag is small, but overall it is a beautiful style.
  5. I just saw it, I like the cross-body!
  6. Hi MIYAKE!

    I have some pictures of the cross body bag attached. I too was going to purchase one, but then after much consideration, I purchased a smaller Chloe satchel with strap. I thought the cross body was just way too big and wide. I didn't care for it as much after looking at a bunch of photos. Hope the photos help!!!


    chloeb1hq3.jpg chloeb2vb4.jpg chloeb3tx7.jpg chloeb5vi4.jpg chloeb8ax9.jpg
  7. Thanks sooo much Pamellla.
    Yes they do help put the bag in perspective!!

    I does look a bit on the big side... enough to fit a laptop in there! And the opening does look a bit small.
    Hmmmm..... will have to reconsider.

    THanks so much!
  8. What about the bay bag. There's also a "crossbody" style of it. Did you see the pics? Maybe you'll like it...:yes:
  9. Yeah, that is true. You know what I didn't like about it the most, instead of it being longer like the paddington (i think the length on the paddington measures 14 inches), it was taller and I didn't like that much. But I have to say, the leather looks so scrumptious and the smooshy-ness is what drew me in.