Opinions on the New LV Tulum

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  1. Has anyone purchased this bag yet? Just curious....if you like this style...and if you have one already ....are you happy with it? I tried it on....and I liked it better in person than in pictures....but I am still not sure. I am looking for a comfortable shoulder bag. TIA!
  2. hmmm...I like the GM better than the PM...iono why...seems more fun to me lol
  3. I never really cared for it until I tried it on.

    its cute. i'd get it. :yes:
  4. I dont like these models....can't please 'em all!
  5. I adore the Tulum PM!
  6. I kinda like the tulum
  7. It's a really nice bag, i'd get it :yes:
  8. I was considering this bag. I like that the GM has an adjustable strap. We'll see how I like it in person, things can change when you try it on!! For a roomy everyday shoulder bag it seems nice.
  9. I saw one on a lady in the mall the other day and really liked it! I think it was a GM that she was wearing. It was really cute! I think next time I am at the store I will try it on.:nuts:
  10. From the pictures I dont really like the look of the bag. But that opinion could definitely change once I see IRL or try it on.
  11. I really like it and am actually considering returning my speedy 30 to get the Tulum PM (big price difference, I know). I love the gold turn-key opening.
  12. I think the Tulum PM is cute bag. Not a fan of the GM. Too huge for me.
  13. I love the tulum GM...that one is on my wish list
  14. I really like the GM. I haven't tried it on yet though.
  15. There are some pics of PF'er wearing their Tulum. I will do a search and see if i can find it.
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